I love life insurance

No one grows up (at least that should be the norm) dreaming of becoming a life insurance agent. Neither did I. Once you are in it, you slowly realize the impact you make on people’s lives. You are the “go to guy” to help a family make a good solid decision to protect their assets from the possibility of losing their breadwinner. Of course, you do a lot more than that, but the fact that you are the second person, a wife will call when her spouse dies, hoping that what you promised them years ago holds true is an incredible feeling. Life insurance is the only tool that almost instantly can create an estate out of nowhere. It is the ultimate wealth creator and a tax-free one mind you. It is the only product you will buy, that is guaranteed that one day you will use.

It is the ultimate financial expression of love, thought and caring for another person. When is the right time to buy life insurance? It is now and not a minute later unless you are arrogant enough to know your future with certainty. If you are reading this, do your loved ones a favor, stop what you are doing and insure yourself.