I want another example

Ok then, glad you are still here. Here is a 26-year-old, out of school, working, who has been raised smart and decides to purchase an IUL.

He decides to spendĀ  $500 per month for the first 20 years and then at age 46 since he makes more money now and his kids are out of the house he ups the monthly premium to $1000 until he gets to age 65, then he stops payments.

His initial death benefit is $850K (happy wife).

By age 46 he has between $175K to $500K.

By age 65 between $335K to $730K.

By age 85 around $2.4 million with a death benefit of $2.5 million.

By age 95 (he is also taking care of himself) we are up to $4.4 million with a similar death benefit.

And if his wife is still around she is about to get real happy.